Melissa is only an instrument, who sees life in black and white by the beat of a song of Slowdive. Docile proyect consists in portraying around one hundred women. The pictures are of them and for them, where are show as they are or aspire to be.

Everything conspires together doing everyday and naturally a working tool ideal for me.

In my work I explore the sensual and melancholic than daily to try to reveal the feeling of emptiness that implies the absence of sense of things. I like to think that the power or force of the vacuum there and it can be represented.

Docile is a tribute to the woman sensuality, sexuality but as objects of enjoyment for herself not to satisfy a culture or fit in a given circle. The woman as a source of inspiration where she exposes her sensuality for your enjoyment to live freely and without taboos.

Melissa Cartagena Docile Project

Medellin, Colombia 2020

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